Our Services

We can do as little or as much as you would like

What WE can do for YOU:

In short, you and your agent need to stage your home with the assistance of an Accredited Staging Professional. If you are in the Columbus or Central Ohio area and could benefit from the services we offer, please contact us today!


For the Do-It-Yourself homeowner: as you guide us through your home we will write a detailed report of how YOU can transform your home step-by-step into a house that will sell quickly. The ASP report will include specific recommendations on furniture placement, de-cluttering, and neutralizing your decor. When YOU have completed our recommendations the ASP stagers will perform a final walkthrough and add final touches. This option is for the clients who prefer doing the work themselves but want professional guidance.

At the final walkthrough we will take photos, with your permission, that will be placed on StagedHomes.com, a great marketing tool available to you through the ASP affiliation.

Price for Consultation: $200.00 and up (based on home square footage)

Half Day Staging

Two ASP Stagers focus on the most important impact areas of your home. We will de-clutter, neutralize, re-arrange and accessorize each space to provide the broadest appeal for potential buyers. This is the most cost effective choice and is completed in a three-hour time period.

Price for Half Day Staging: $300.00-$500.00

Full Staging

Our ASP Stagers will stage ALL rooms in your home. After an initial inspection of your home, with you as our guide, WE do the work. However, there may be some details for YOU to take care of before the staging process begins: cleaning, painting, packing precious items, etc. We can fully stage your house if you are still living there, or if you have already moved.

Price for Full Staging: Starting at $700.00 *Cost of renting furniture and accessories additional.

Staging For Living

Staging For Living is about redesigning your space using your existing furnishings. We begin by getting to know you and understanding your desired style and livability for the room. Together we design a plan that can be implemented by “doing it yourself” or using our services.

Our services can include:

If new items are desired, we also can do the shopping for you. We charge a fee for our time, but there is no mark up on the items purchased.

Price: Determined after walkthrough

Stage to Sell

We can do as much or as little as you would like! We have a range of services to accommodate both your timeframe and budget. We provide Staging services throughout Columbus and the surrounding communities.

Accredited Staging Professionals

Accredited Staging ProfessionalsEveryone on our team is an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP®). Your house is your greatest asset. The goal of an ASP is to maximize your investment by revealing your home’s potential to new buyers.

Benefits of Staging

Home Staging transforms your home so that it stands out above all others in today’s market. You can expect us to help prepare your home so that it shows better than the competition here in Central Ohio.